Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka

The Sacred character of this adams-peak (Sripada) of 7,360ft. In history there is visitor from many lands like Alexander the Great, Marco Polo, Ibn Battua, on pilgrimage here. There are trails and traditions connected with this secret mountain. History of this mountain runs back around 2100 years to the reign of King Valagambahu (104 – 76 BC) who made the discovery of the sacred foot print during his exile in the mountain wilderness.

This peak surrounds primeval forest is known as the peak wilderness, the grandeur of its ruggedness and its rushing waters falling from dizzying heights to form stunning waterfalls. Off season climbing of Adam's Peak is harder as you will not have any human contact in that season. During the monsoon season from May to August people not travel that mountain. December to May is considered the season of Adam's Peak.

There are two main routes that you can use to reach this place

Hatton – Maskeliya (12km)

Entrance is via Ginigathhena- Hatton road, this being the most famous way, it is well paved the way and where the trail climbs up are always aided with well laid cement steps.

As you raise yourself along this trail you will be treated to glimpses of beauty of the nature, mountains and the valleys, enjoy the views and tackle this section slow and carefully. You are at the final stretch and climb gets intense from here onwards. After tackling some difficult area you get to the section called “Mahagiridambe”. It is the great boulder or rock after about another 01km you are at the  crest at 1890m MSL.

Kuruwita-Erathna (12km)

The trail follows through forests and Tea fields. So its broader though note that except in most difficult of places steps aren’t available. You can see Waranagala falls which best seen during off season, across the bridge and trail along the right side of the forest and several water pools.

As you walk along you’ll pass the  resting place called “Ambalama” at icy-river called “seethatgagula”. It’s a great place to chill but mind you the water is VERY cold! From here the forest thickens till you get to the Medahinna Temple. Around 09km or so from the starting point. “Idikatupana” is next resting point as you can see a great place to witness the sunset.

 From here the trail joins up with the Hatton-Maskeliya route and proceeds to the summit together.


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